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To BADA Converter 1.0 - Cnovert android games and apps to BADA

This app used to convert games and apps from android (.apk) to BADA system. Run Yours favourite android apps on bada system, without any emulators and other programs. With this small app its verry easy. 

How to use it:
1.download and unpack
2.run app
3. choose file to convert (only .apk format), and select Your OS version
4. click "Convert to BADA" and wait a few minutes 
5.that's all ;) converted app wiil be in the same folder as the apk file, copy this app on your BADA phone, and enjoy!



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chan pisze...

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chan pisze...

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Banana download pisze...

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dinesh raj pisze...

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Reshad Ahmadi pisze...

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Ravi Sharma pisze...

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john smith pisze...

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